Catholic Life

Catholic Life

All Catholic schools are rooted in Christ, who is at the centre of school life.

Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church are integrated into every aspect of learning, teaching and the totality of life at Annecy.

From time to time we are able to arrange visits to faith-based opportunities within our Diocese of Arundel and Brighton including the annual Good Shepherd gathering with other primary schools. We have also made connections with Wintershall, a local drama group who have provided excellent interactive experiences that bring to life the Gospel stories both at their site in Bramley and as professional development for staff.

Our classes are named for saints; each class researches their saint, and celebrates their saint’s feast day by wearing home clothes and sharing an afternoon treat.

Catholic Social Teaching Principles

At Annecy Catholic Primary School, we believe it is our mission to love God, to love each other and the world – our common home. Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is the church’s treasure which helps us to do this. It is about how we can live our lives and how we can put our faith into action.

There are 9 principles which underpin CST. Your can find out about these principles by watching this short video:

We strive to put CST at the heart of all we do at Annecy. The principles are displayed in every classroom and CST is referred to in collective worships, which makes the worship relevant to our lives today. CST is incorporated into RE lessons where relevant and links are made with the actions of the saints, people from the Bible and people today. Children are congratulated when they show CST in their daily lives.

Our Catholic Ethos, Aims and Values

Our Motto – Inspiring Hearts and Minds to Grow

Our Foundation Scripture Luke 1:37

Our Core Values – 

Collective Worship

Collective Worship plays a key role in our prayer life focus at Annecy and is a mixture of whole school collective worship and class liturgies planned and led by teachers and pupils.

We use the format of Gather, Listen, Respond and Go Forth. The children gather together in class and use candles, music, procession, singing or other means to create an atmosphere of calm and focus. Within this atmosphere they listen to the Word of God in scripture and then consider how the message that it gives might be used to live their own lives in a way that God intends. 

The children love to take an active part which might be in a simple way such as lighting the candle or choosing the piece of music or the scripture story. However, as they progress through the school they are encouraged to take more responsibility and create their own liturgies which they share with their class. There is an element of prayer and reflection where children are encouraged to choose a traditional prayer to say together or they might share a personal prayer intention.

Going forth from the liturgy they might decide on a mission or action they can take at school or at home during the week ahead, or they might have an activity to tie in with what they have heard and discussed.

RE Council

Our RE Council aim to raise the extent to which pupils contribute to the Catholic life and ethos of our school. It is an important and prestigious role. Consequently, a photograph of them is displayed in the school entrance. Their job description is constantly evolving, especially as the RE Council themselves contribute to its direction.

The RE Council hold half termly meetings to discuss ways in which pupils can become more active in the prayer life of the school. They monitor and evaluate many aspects of Catholic life including prayer corners, liturgies and collective worship. They ensure that the thoughts and reflections of pupils are acted upon in future liturgies. They take responsibility for their class prayer focus and prayer bags.

Prayer Bags

Each class has a Prayer Bag that goes home with a different child each week, to use for praying together as a family. A prayer journal is also included for families and children to record their thoughts, feelings, prayers and intentions, before returning it to school for the next family.

Saint Mary
Year 1
Saint Patrick
Year 2
Saint George
Year 3
Saint Andrew
Year 5
Saint Kateri
Year 6
Saint Theresa

Catholic Life at Annecy

The whole school celebrates the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales, the patron saint of our school and Saint Don Bosco, the patron saint of the Catholic Education Trust that we belong to.

Throughout the year the whole school community partakes in key services, masses and liturgical prayer in order to journey through the liturgical year with Christ.

Children have the opportunity to be involved in the planning and delivery of prayer and worship each week with their class and there are opportunities throughout the year for families to join their children for these occasions. 

Annecy has links with the Parish of Seaford at St Thomas More Church  and are lucky to be supported by Father Chris, Deacon Colin, Deacon Stephen and Sister Marcelline.

Our Parish

The Parish of Seahaven, encompasses the families, schools, and people of Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven.

  • Church of St Thomas More, 54  Sutton Road, Seaford, BN25 1SS
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, Edith Avenue, Peacehaven, BN10 8JB

Our Parish Pastor, Deacon Stephen, along with our school chaplains, Father Chris and Deacon Colin, are very welcome visitors to our school, and are a great support to our children, families and staff at Annecy, supporting the teaching of RE and bringing this alive in liturgies, masses and visits to classes.

We undertake a range of activities to support our parish community, including carol services, parish Masses and charity links.

Details of parish life, including Mass times can be found on the PNL website by clicking the button below:

Link to the Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton:

School Chaplains – Father Chris and Deacon Colin

I am Father Chris Benyon. I was Parish Priest in Seaford in the 1980s. When I retired some 8 years ago, I was fortunate enough to return to Seaford. I was invited to visit the school frequently, and some 4 years ago was invited to join Deacon Colin as Chaplains to the school. I love to be with the children, to just chat with them, get to know them, help with classes, say Mass and assist in any way I can to help them know God and His Love and make Annecy the special place it is.

Hi, I’m Deacon Colin, I have been a Parish Deacon at St Thomas More Church in Seaford since June 2014. Mary and I have been married for 49 years, we have four sons and all of them attended Annecy Catholic Primary School and now one of our grandsons does too! I became a Catholic in 1996, Fr. Chris Benyon was a great inspiration when he was our Parish Priest here.

Father Niven Richardson, our Parish Priest at the time, asked me if I would like to become a Deacon in 2010. A Deacon’s role in the church is a ministry of service, and can be traced back to the Apostles, when the disciples of Jesus appointed Deacons to look after the Christian communities they set up, so that the apostles could go on spreading the good news of the Gospels. It takes four years of formation ad I studied at Wonersh Seminary, Surrey, It was a degree course in Pastoral Ministry, On completion, I was ordained by Bishop Kieran on the 5th of June 2014 at St Thomas More Catholic Church, Seaford. a Deacon assists the priest at Mass and also proclaims the Gospel, I am able to take a Baptism, Marriage and also a Funeral Service. It is always a privilege to be able to help people in any way I can. Being a part of the school chaplaincy team at Annecy is so enjoyable and rewarding. Being involved with Mass and Liturgy Services, enhancing the Catholic ethos of the school, working with the staff who are an amazing and dedicated team of teachers. I am also a Foundation Governor at Annecy. I enjoy visiting the classrooms, also listening to the children read.

Charity and Fundraising & The Wednesday Word

In common with all Christians worldwide we encourage all in our Annecy community to witness our faith through actively living out our core values in charitable works.

At Harvest time we seek to support those in need in our local community by offering donations to the Seaford food banks. During Advent and Lent we focus our support through CAFOD and Missio and in the summer terms we look to our own diocese.

All are encouraged to participate in any way they can, from prayers to donations, offering as much or as little support to our common cause.


The Wednesday Word

Sharing the Sunday Gospel with families through primary schools and enriching the Home, School & Parish partnership.

The Wednesday Word is a gift to families because of their connection with a Catholic school.

Wednesday Word Family time presents an opportunity for even the busiest of parents to enrich relationships with their children through spending a very special 10 minutes together each week.

Every Wednesday a “word”, inspired by the coming Sunday’s Gospel, will be suggested for families to talk about in the home. We have structured The Wednesday Word around the Sunday Gospel, because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

The Wednesday Word Family Time leaflet is designed in a family friendly fashion to ensure that all family members feel included. It aims to be informative, enjoyable, and to help families maintain a special closeness throughout the school years.

Sharing the Sunday Gospel with families through primary schools and enriching the Home, School & Parish partnership.

Below is a link to a copy of this week’s Wednesday Word to share at home: